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LWM2000 Micro Weather Online Monitoring System

LWM2000 Micro Weather Online Monitoring System

The weather meteorological monitoring system can monitor the daily weather conditions such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and rain. The sensor of the meteorological parameters is installed on the tower. The weather parameter acquisition module collects the sensor temperature, wind speed, And then converted into a standard format, through the weather station on the controller serial port to the front-end monitoring device master for processing. The meteorological sensor will feed the data recorded on the weather station to the central control system every 5 seconds. The system built-in controller is used to collect, record and analyze data, through the central control system and sensors in constant communication, and can independently store 3 months of data.
Micro-meteorological on-line monitoring system mainly consists of meteorological parameter acquisition unit, front-end monitoring equipment master, central control system and so on. Meteorological parameters of the collection unit, including the ambient temperature acquisition unit, the ambient humidity acquisition unit, the wind speed acquisition unit, the wind collection unit, rainfall collection unit.
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Micro-weather online monitoring system using independent research and development of the monitoring terminal platform, the platform to ARM-based controller, with a strong scalability, platform features are as follows:
◆ support multi-channel serial access;
◆ support multiple inputs and outputs;
◆ support RF communication;
◆ internal with wireless communication module, you can choose according to user requirements GPRS module or CDMA module;
◆ internal battery charging management function;
◆ internal with large-capacity flash memory, easy to store critical data;
◆ Based on the common software platform, modify the upgrade easy;
◆ support multi-channel power control output function, the power supply output voltage can be adjusted according to requirements;
◆ with low power processing mode, when idle when the system automatically enter the low power state;
◆ with self-test function, hardware watchdog, to ensure that the program will not crash.
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