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Remote Image Monitoring System of LMM2000 Transmission Line

Remote Image Monitoring System of LMM2000 Transmission Line

Transmission line remote image monitoring system, so that the transmission line running in the visual monitoring, the system uses advanced digital video compression technology, low power technology, GPRS / CDMA wireless communication technology, solar application technology, the scene image information transmitted to On the server of the monitoring center, the line manager can log in through the master server or remotely to view the monitoring image of the line, so as to realize the all-weather monitoring of the transmission line. Line management personnel to keep abreast of the scene information, the accident destroyed in the germination state, effectively reduce the wire due to ice, flood erosion, bad geology, fire, wire dancing, wire stress changes, channel trees long, , The road around the construction, tower material theft and other factors caused by power accidents. Greatly reducing the inspection staff of the inspection line of work, especially people are not easy to reach the area.
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◆ system using GPRS / CDMA network, TCP / IP technology to monitor the transmission of information data, and when the network communication failure, the device can automatically re-connect;
◆ acquisition device low power consumption, long standby time, good reliability, light and flexible. Acquisition device installed in the line tower, no power to install;
◆ installation location is flexible and convenient, can be installed in the local without any easy to monitor the other points;
◆ monitoring device using industrial CCD chip, with anti-interference, high and low temperature resistance, image clarity, monitoring distance and other characteristics;
◆ single set of devices can monitor the wire, ground, insulators and other different directions of the image information, to achieve full monitoring of the line;
◆ efficient JPEG image compression algorithm, which will help save operating costs;
◆ use of clean energy solar energy equipment life of up to 5 years, long rainy days for 20 days. All control terminals only need to use IE to operate.
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