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LIM2000 on - line monitoring system for transmission lines

LIM2000 on - line monitoring system for transmission lines


The wide area data collected by the on-line monitoring system of the transmission line is related to the micro-meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, air pressure and rainfall, and includes static and dynamic macroscopic meteorological information of the high airflow layer. These data are compared in the back-end analysis system with meteorological conditions for easy-to-cover ice and to predict short- and medium- and long-term trends based on mathematical models and artificial intelligence techniques.
(Horizontal tension, horizontal tension, wire temperature, wire sag), the wire itself is affected by the ice (the wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, air pressure, rainfall), the wire itself is affected by the ice affected data (horizontal tension, Monitoring to determine the tower, gold and wire ice-covered state, and in accordance with the meteorological analysis, video observation, wire tilt angle monitoring method to obtain the monitoring data to establish a comprehensive disaster warning platform. The first part is the information acquisition system, including on-line monitoring and off-line monitoring system, including the transmission line operation and management system integration, the second part of the analysis and early warning system, the system according to the first part of the collection of information, Transmission lines for comprehensive analysis, including power dispatch EMS information integration.

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