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Transmission line intelligent inspection management system

       Power equipment inspection system is China's power industry equipment operation and management process in an important system, the safety of electricity production requirements of staff regularly, fixed-point inspection of the equipment inspection in order to detect problems in time to eliminate hidden dangers. As a good management system, the past, the domestic inspection methods are generally used manual inspection, manual record data to implement and implement the model. And this inspection method in the long process of work there is such a problem, such as the inspection data description is not standardized, inspection data analysis statistics inconvenient, inspection data due to manual records may exist ambiguity, inspection tasks The situation can not monitor the situation and so on.With the continuous improvement of the level of information technology in the power industry, the computer application to the power industry in every corner, information collection, information processing, and so continue to get the computer to assist the processing, so the information on the power inspection work also put on the agenda The

         The characteristics of the inspection work is to enable the inspection of the inspection work in place, the centralized collection process of the inspection data, and the reasonable distribution of the inspection tasks and the statistical analysis of the inspection data. The main solution in the inspection process The problem is a device positioning and data acquisition problem, the other is the data synchronization and processing problems. In view of these characteristics, the use of advanced development of advanced automatic identification technology, communication technology, mobile computing technology, making the power equipment positioning and data acquisition possible, can be very convenient equipment and data acquisition process combined to achieve with the fixed equipment The associated mobile information is collected and the background desktop system is synchronized. Combined with these advanced technologies, Thunderbird has developed a system dedicated to the inspection process to solve the problems in the inspection process, while achieving the work and power information synchronization, so as to facilitate the inspection Data and power information in the sharing of other data to improve the ability to analyze the application of inspection data.

        The company's power inspection system is composed of two parts: front desk and back office. The front part is mainly used for equipment location and data acquisition. The background is mainly used for data management, processing and analysis. The system is based on different users , According to the specific circumstances, the use of the front part of the equipment positioning is also different, such as substation equipment generally use the positioning of the bar code. The location of the equipment is different. Way, or the use of RFID, in this way suitable for centralized distribution of equipment; and then line equipment is used GPS positioning, this is mainly applicable to the distribution of equipment more dispersed situation.

        Inspection system of the basic work process is roughly: in the background inspection and management personnel to carry out the task of inspection tasks, after the completion of the task allocation, the inspection staff can synchronize with the background PC, the inspection task to download to the Pocket PC , And then patrol the staff to the scene, handheld handheld computers and positioning equipment, positioning equipment to be patrol, according to the handheld computer inspection task prompted to inspect and check, and record the results, complete the inspection task, and finally, inspection staff Through the synchronization with the background system, upload inspection information, and inspection information and data can be statistical analysis, and managers can also be based on inspection information to master a variety of information, develop the appropriate plans and work, the background system to achieve the tour The management of daily work, including inspection management, defect management, system management, etc., for the power production and operation of the maintenance department to provide a set of equipment inspection, equipment defects for a comprehensive process management system software.

        With the continuous development of the power industry power grid, the increasing number of electric power equipment, numerous operations and operations have increased the burden on the electric power workers, and there may be a process that is not considered comprehensive, or the danger point is not noticed, Incomplete and other issues, so the State Grid Corporation in accordance with the development of the power industry in the country began to promote the standardization of work, so that the power industry operations and work more standardized and standardized, thereby reducing the operation and work errors caused by the accident , And more convenient management of the work and efficiency. With the continuous development of standardized work instructions in the power industry, the preparation of standardized operating instructions brings more or less inconvenience to the user. Each time you prepare a job instruction book, or during the operation and after the operation guide The installation of the book, the operator has brought trouble or inconvenience, with this inconvenience to the development of the computer and its systems applied to the standardization of operations management, to simplify the preparation of standard operating instructions, improve work efficiency and provide convenience The query function of statistics and other functions has become a trend, our company in understanding this situation, the development of the inspection system based on the increase in the standardization of operational management functions, the inspection system from just for standardization, standardization Inspection work extended to the entire power company or the daily work of the Electric Power Bureau, including testing, maintenance, inspection, day-to-day operations, to provide users with convenient standard operating instructions standards, operating process records.
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