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Online Discharge Monitoring System for iPDM2020C Cable

Online Discharge Monitoring System for iPDM2020C Cable

The system is based on broadband pulse current detection, waveform separation and UHF anti-interference cable termination / joint partial discharge detection principle. Using clamp-type broadband current sensor installed in the cable skin grounding line to pick up the PD signal, through the high-gain broadband high-frequency amplifier to filter the signal amplification. The time-frequency characteristic method is used to analyze and separate the wide-band current waveform signal to distinguish the different signal sources and sources. The interference signal from the cable connector and the terminal is removed by comparing with the signal collected by the UHF noise antenna. To achieve on-line monitoring of XLPE cable, to detect very low partial discharge, and timely prediction of cable terminals and connectors of the insulation degradation of the degree of failure to prevent high-voltage cable sudden accidents, and state maintenance to provide a scientific basis for data.

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