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iCTM2020 cable temperature on - line monitoring system

iCTM2020 cable temperature on - line monitoring system

The system is a highly reliable distributed cable safety monitoring system that monitors cable and cable connector temperatures to predict possible faults in the cable, minimizing cable accidents. The system can be found in power plants and substation high-voltage cables, cable ends, the middle head due to insulation aging or poor contact latent failure

Technical characteristics
◆ Through the cable and cable connector continuous temperature monitoring, through the proprietary analysis software to determine the early cable failure in advance to achieve early prediction of cable failure, preventive measures;
◆ When the cable fails, provide the alarm and accurately determine the location of the fault point to guide the maintenance work;
◆ with a CRT monitor, visual display cable connector, cable tray distribution, cable direction, real-time continuous temperature monitoring;
◆ has a MIS network interface, with the factory management network connected to achieve the sharing of information and in-depth data processing functions.