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OFO-3 on-load tap-changer online oil purifier
        “OFO-3 Transformer On-load tap-changer On-line oil purifier & Applicable for on-line oil filter with 35KV and above main transformer on-load tap-changer, fixed installation method. OFO-3-type online oil purifier by the import of integrated precision oil filter, composite precision filter, PLC programmable controller, differential pressure transmitter and oil composition. OFO-3-type online oil purifier installation, all-weather stainless steel chassis side of the suction port and the oil port, the use of fast sealing joints and stainless steel flexible high-pressure piping, installation is simple, no leakage.

Performance indicators:
● Rated pressure: 0.45MPa;
● Rated flow: 3L / min;
● Rated flow rate: less than 0.3 m / s;
● Motor power: 90W;
● Power: 380V / 50Hz;
● filter filter accuracy: 0.1 μ m;
● Filtering ratio: beta 1 & ge 1000; (filtering efficiency & ge; 99.9%);
● After cleaning oil cleanliness: higher than 6 (NAS1638 standard);
● filter life: the new transformer oil switch to switch 40,000 times;
● moisture absorption: 200ml;
● impurity absorption: 80g;
● Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +60 ℃;
● medium temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +100 ℃;
● Inlet, return port: DN12 stainless steel tubing.
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