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OGA2020 transformer online chromatographic system calibration device
        At present, the on-line monitoring system for dissolved gas in transformer oil (hereinafter referred to as on-line monitoring system) has been widely used in transformers, but the accuracy of the measured data (compared with the data of the laboratory off-line chromatograph) has a certain degree of difference. The reason is that the current online monitoring system can not effectively achieve online calibration function. As the analysis of measuring instruments, the detection system in the course of daily operation there is a certain degree of drift, and this drift is not timely correction will lead to online monitoring system running a certain time after the measured data and laboratory off-line chromatograph data has a difference. It is therefore necessary to calibrate the on-line monitoring system.

        OGA-2020 Transformer On-line Chromatography System Calibration device is specifically designed for use in standard oil samples and is suitable for calibration and reference of on-line chromatographic devices.

Technical parameters:

● Rated power supply: 220V / 50Hz;
● Rated current: 3A;
● Ambient temperature: -20 ~ + 60 ℃;
● Weight: 100KG.
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