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Intelligent Substation Auxiliary System Integrated Monitoring Platform
        Intelligent substation auxiliary system integrated monitoring platform is developed by Ningbo Science and Technology Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd. subsidiary subsidiary Zhejiang Thunderbird Smart Grid Technology Co., Ltd., by the video monitoring subsystem, access control subsystem, environmental monitoring subsystem, security guard subsystem, lighting Intelligent control subsystem and other components. Platform reservation and fire subsystem communication interface.

        The system uses embedded software technology, database technology, acquisition and control technology, video technology, configuration technology, sensing technology, IEC61850 protocol technology, laser detection technology, network communication technology, wireless transmission technology for the development of power transmission equipment Environmental safety production integrated management platform, the platform will video surveillance systems, security systems, fire alarm and fire control systems, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, environmental monitoring systems and other independent auxiliary system data and functions together to achieve information sharing and Interactive, and so on through the station smoke, temperature, humidity, infrared, image sensors and switches, equipment status signs and other comprehensive judgments, the use of image processing, pattern recognition and other technologies and other devices for intelligent processing, power grid security production command to provide digital Operating platform. Intelligent substation auxiliary system monitoring and management platform will bring profound influence to the traditional management mode, realize the scientific management of resources and environment information, comprehensive analysis and evaluation and provide auxiliary decision-making, forming an efficient operation system, through the Internet or Intranet network Resources and information sharing between departments of the system.

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