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Intelligent cooling monitoring system of CCS2000 transformer
        CCS2000 transformer intelligent cooling monitoring system uses dual PLC, man-machine interface technology to achieve the entire cold control system monitoring and control, real-time acquisition of transformer-related data, timely detection of potential failures, to achieve energy saving, noise reduction, improve insulation life and other goals. By supporting the cooling unit monitoring IED, can be achieved between the CCS2000 and intelligent components based on IEC61850 protocol communication, transmission system operating status and operating information, to accept remote control. The system changes the traditional relay control mode, so that the control strategy can be improved, increasing the reliability of power grid operation, to achieve intelligent transformer cooling system.

Technical characteristics:

● a master with a dual PLC combined with the man-machine interface to achieve intelligent monitoring and control of the cooling system;
● high and low temperature control, moisture, lightning protection, anti-jamming measures to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system;
● Transformer cooler with "manual" ralph lauren pas cher, "automatic" and "remote" rdquo; three control methods for users to choose;
● system real-time acquisition of transformer oil temperature, load current, winding temperature contact signal and analog signal, and according to these signals by a certain logic
To achieve the cooler automatic start and stop control, reduce maintenance;
● Real-time monitoring of system status, timely detection of potential failures, failure to automatically recover after recovery to meet the substation unattended requirements;
● configuration of dual PLC fault emergency circuit to improve operational reliability and security;
● perfect cooler start delay control;
● equipped with emergency operation box, to ensure that the control power to disappear when the cooler can work;
● IED can be configured for cooling units based on the IEC61850 communication protocol.
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