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High Voltage Static Reactive Power Generator (SVG)

         Static Var Generator (SVG) is an important device belonging to the flexible AC transmission system (FACTS). Its basic principle is to use a high power power electronic device (such as IGBT) to form a self-commutation bridge circuit , Through the reactor in parallel on the grid. The phase and amplitude of the output voltage of the AC side of the bridge circuit are appropriately adjusted, or the AC side current is directly controlled so that the circuit absorbs or generates a reactive current that satisfies the required voltage. To achieve the inductive reactive power and capacitive reactive power dynamic compensation, with a dynamic compensation for a wide range of rapid changes in the characteristics of instantaneous reactive power.  


Technical characteristics:
         ●Fast response ---- LGPE-SVG active tracking compensation system required reactive power, faster response, the overall device dynamic reactive power response 5ms, can be more quickly and smoothly compensate for reactive power, better control of voltage Flicker, balanced three - phase voltage;
         ●Flexibility - can transport emotional reactive and capacitive reactive power, put an end to the situation occurred. Compared with the SVC, the use of DC capacitor energy storage, SVC without a large volume of the filter branch and reactor, the installation size is only 1/5 to 1/3 of SVC, and because it does not set the filter branch, can be more convenient in the original There is a cast capacitor group based on the expansion;
         ●High security - work does not produce harmonics, and can dynamically track the harmonic control, no need to configure the filter branch. This system from the mechanism to avoid the large capacity capacitor / reactance components in parallel in the grid may occur in the resonance phenomenon, the weak end of the power grid, its security is higher than the impedance device;
         ●Current source characteristics ---- output reactive current from the bus voltage, low voltage conditions can be stable to provide the system required reactive power;
         ●Energy consumption is small --- the same adjustment range, SVG loss only MCR 1/4, TCR 1/2, low operating costs, more energy saving and environmental protection;
         ●High reliability - LGPE-SVG uses N + 1 or N + 2 redundant main circuit topology, one (or two) link unit can still continue to run at full capacity after damage.
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