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SVCand DC ice melting device
        Transmission lines icing on the power system and the national economy poses a serious threat, so its anti-ice problem of concern. The ice transmission line can be used to remove ice, and it can be widely used in practice because of its high dewatering efficiency and high operability.

        SVC and DC ice melting device usually work in the reactive power compensation mode and provide continuous adjustable dynamic reactive power compensation, when the transmission line occurs when the ice, the ice to change the operating mechanism as long as the simple open, together, you can easily, Reliable switching to the DC melting mode.
Technical characteristics:

        ●With DC melting ice and SVC two modes of operation, equipment utilization is high;
        ●DC melting ice and SVC mode of operation automatically switch, do not need to manually operate the knife in order to avoid the misuse;
        ●Can achieve zero from the automatic boost, up flow;
        ●The current can be set according to the optimum ice melting temperature;
        ●Automatic switching of the ice line, to achieve a balanced three-phase transmission line melting ice, to ensure the safety of ice-melting process;
        ●Monitoring system using integrated industrial computer, friendly man-machine interface;
        ●Control protection system for dual system redundancy, high reliability;
        ●DSP-based all-digital control system, dynamic response time is short, high control accuracy, smooth adjustment;
        ●The use of pure water cooling system, high cooling efficiency, reliable heat dissipation.
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