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TSC type LGPE-SVC dynamic reactive power compensation device

Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC) is a kind of dynamic reactive power compensation device widely used in distribution network. Thyristor series using pressure equalization technology, synchronous trigger technology to ensure reliable thyristor conduction and shutdown, to achieve high voltage capacitors at both ends of zero voltage input and zero current exit, to achieve the purpose of fast compensation system reactive power, while the capacitor line in series Appropriate reactors to achieve the purpose of suppressing harmonic currents and overvoltages.
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Technical characteristics
◆ capacitor input and removal will not produce the impact of current and over voltage, to achieve zero-crossing switching, no impact, no current, no transition process, no over-voltage, no arc re-ignition
Like, greatly improving the life of the equipment;
◆ precise control of switching time, fast response to the multi-stage capacitor group fast zero-crossing switching, to achieve frequent switching capacitor, and quickly change its reactive power, for the power system to mention
For dynamic reactive power, especially for heavy load start and stop, reactive shock or voltage fluctuations in the occasion;
◆ solve the common compensation method of complex pressure regulation, mechanical control switch vulnerable to shock, short life and other shortcomings, with dynamic compensation and voltage regulator of the dual function;
◆ All-digital intelligent control system to achieve full digital, liquid crystal display, with networking communication function, you can view the time, mode of operation, switching group and each bus power
Voltage, power factor; by the computer according to the system required reactive power and capacitor bank capacity to determine the switching method to achieve the purpose of optimal operation; real-time tracking, dynamic compensation, the power factor of 0.95 or more;
◆ The valve group adopts the horizontal layered structure, which is easy to observe and is conducive to heat dissipation, and is isolated from the capacitor group. The operation is safe and easy to maintain.
◆ The use of optical isolation technology, so that a system and the secondary system completely isolated, no interference, high reliability;
◆ using instantaneous reactive power theory, wavelet analysis, dynamic measurement and calculation, combined pre-judgment and reasonable action;
◆ protection is complete, with multiple protection.
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