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TCR type LGPE-SVC dynamic reactive power compensation device

Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR, Thyristor Controlled Reactor) SVC static dynamic reactive power compensation device is now on the market for power quality management applications the most extensive, the largest number of casters of high-voltage power control equipment. SVC uses a digital control system to control the size of the thyristor valve opening angle, control the size of the current through the phase-controlled reactor to control the phase-controlled reactive inductive reactive power output. So as to achieve smooth and rapid response to the output system required for the purpose of reactive power. 
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Technical characteristics
◆ All-digital control system, the response time is less than 10ms, the trigger angle control accuracy of 0.01 electric angle level, to achieve rapid smooth adjustment of reactive power;
◆ control system on the various parts of the device running status monitoring and self-diagnosis, a variety of abnormal state alarm signal and reliable protection;
◆ flexible control mode, can achieve three-phase simultaneous control, phase control and three-phase balance and other control methods, according to the principle of Steinmetts to achieve phase adjustment, the balance of three-phase load balance, Sequence current component;
◆ monitoring system to meet the Modbus / TCP / IP / power 104 protocol / IEC61850 agreement, and advanced integrated automation system to communicate, can achieve remote monitoring and settings;
◆ valve group imported original ABB thyristor, photoelectric trigger mode, high-potential plate high-voltage access, with efficient dv / dt, di / dt protection, pressure protection, BOD protection, thyristor monitoring;
◆ Thyristor cooling with a unique heat pipe from the cold technology or pure water cooling technology, high efficiency heat pipe natural cooling thyristor structure is simple, to achieve a maintenance-free operation, closed circulating pure water cooling system, high-capacity valve group has good heat dissipation; /> ◆ The use of professional US ETAP power analysis software for filter design simulation and program verification.
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