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High-voltage static dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVC)
        With the rapid development of the national economy and the progress of modern technology, high power consumption in a wide range of industries in various industries, to the power grid quality, equipment safety, economic operation has brought serious harm. Ningbo Institute of Power Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd. production of static dynamic reactive power compensation device, can provide a perfect solution for the grid.


System functions: 

Used for power distribution system functions:

        ●Improve power factor, reduce electricity costs; 
        ●Filter high harmonics, compensate for three - phase imbalance, suppress voltage fluctuations and flicker, improve power quality; 
        ●Inhibit reactive power shock, reduce wear and tear, reduce equipment insulation tolerant harmonic voltage, extend equipment life; 
         ●Reduce the capacity of reactive power occupied equipment, improve equipment capacity utilization, save the user investment. 

For the power transmission system functions: 

        ●Optimize the control reactive power flow, increase the transmission capacity of the line, improve the steady state transmission capacity; 
        ●Compensation reactive power grid to achieve reactive power balance, reduce network loss; 
        ●Stabilize the system voltage, improve the system's steady state, transient and dynamic voltage stability; 
        ●To provide additional system damping, to suppress low-frequency power system oscillation, to prevent power outage and generator shaft torsional vibration accident; 
        ●Improve the performance of HVDC transmission system, inhibit the DC blocking fault over-voltage.
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