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Active Power Filter (APF)
        Active Power Filter APF (Active Power Filter) uses a digital circuit or analog and digital hybrid circuit technology for current detection, high-frequency power electronic switching technology for current injection of new power electronic devices. It is a dynamic power compensation, harmonic filtering, balanced three-phase load and other functions of the new power electronic device, it can change the size and frequency of harmonic and change the reactive power compensation, its application can overcome the vote Cutting capacitor group, SVC and other traditional harmonic filtering and reactive power compensation equipment shortcomings, is an ideal compensation harmonic device.

Technical characteristics:

● can be remote control through the network, is intelligent equipment. With a friendly man-machine interface, intelligent monitoring system with the internal parts of the system running status monitoring, diagnosis and complete in a variety of abnormal circumstances for reliable protection;
● All-digital control system, using high-performance high-speed high-stability DSP chip, PWM current tracking control technology to ensure the stability of the entire system operation, efficiency and security;
● With the capacitor group active tracking compensation system required reactive power, faster response, the overall device dynamic reactive power response 5ms, can more quickly and smoothly compensate for reactive power, better control of voltage flicker, balance three-phase Voltage; ● With the capacitor group can be transported inductive reactive and capacitive reactive power, put an end to the situation occurred. Compared with TCR, APF only need to meet half of the capacity of the capacitor, you can achieve the same capacitive reactive power compensation range, and because it does not set the filter branch, you can more easily on the basis of the original expansion;
● does not produce harmonics during operation, and can dynamically track the harmonic control, no need to configure the filter branch. This system from the mechanism to avoid the large capacity capacitor / reactance components in parallel in the grid may occur in the resonance phenomenon, the weak end of the power grid, the security is higher than the impedance type;
● Current source characteristics, the output reactive current is not affected by the bus voltage, in the case of low voltage can be stable to provide the system required reactive power.

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