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iIMM2020 casing insulation on - line monitoring system

The system (IED) is a high reliability of the insulation on-line monitoring equipment, continuous, real-time, on-line monitoring of high voltage casing, high voltage transformer power equipment such as dielectric loss, the last screen current and capacity, Insulation conditions, and according to the horizontal comparison of similar equipment, the same equipment, the vertical comparison, and the development trend of insulation characteristics, early detection of latent failure, early warning, to avoid the occurrence of accidents, for the regular maintenance of equipment to the state maintenance of the transition to provide technical Guarantee. The system consists of voltage monitoring unit, capacitive equipment monitoring unit, environmental monitoring unit and data processing unit.

Technical features Technical indicators
◆ using hierarchical distributed system structure, modular design technology;
◆ use the phase-locked technology to automatically track the frequency of the grid to solve the spectral analysis of the spectrum leakage problem, and the use of reference source synchronization technology;
◆ through the core-type zero-flux micro-current sensor technology, phase error within 2 minutes;
◆ full digital synchronous sampling;
◆ FPGA + DSP integrated architecture, professional measurement of small signals, enhance system reliability and real-time processing capabilities;
◆ communication protocol: the use of DL / T860 (IEC61850) standard protocol;
◆ time synchronization: the use of SNTP network and fiber B code on the time.
Monitoring unit name Monitoring parameters Measuring range Measurement accuracy
System voltage monitoring unit Bus voltage 35kV~1000kV ±0.5%
Harmonic voltage 3、5、7、9?次 ±2%
System frequency 45~65Hz ±0.01Hz
Capacitive equipment monitoring unit The end of the screen current 0.1mA~1000mA ±1% OR 100μA
Dielectric loss 0.1%~30% ±0.1%
Equivalent capacitance 50pF~50000pF ±1% OR 50 pF
Site environmental monitoring unit Ambient temperature -40℃~80℃ ±1% OR 0.5℃
Environment humidity 0~100%RH ±2%

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