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ICSM2020 Cooling Unit Online Monitoring System

ICSM2020 Cooling Unit Online Monitoring System

The single system (IED) mainly monitors the current and drive power of the fan and pump motor of the main transformer cooling unit, the oil temperature and the load at the top, and estimates the cooling efficiency of the winding hot spot and the cooling system according to the model. According to the monitored state And evaluation results on the cooling unit of the fan and pump in situ control and based on network control.

Technical features
On the main transformer cooling system to achieve network-based control;
◆ low power consumption, no fan, full shield, high reliability;
◆ wide operating temperature, in the & ndash; 40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ within the normal work;
◆ using industrial-grade PowerPC embedded processor, clocked at 667MHz;
◆ Embedded Linux real-time operating system;
◆ double hundred trillion network port, using DL / T860 (IEC61850) standard protocol;
◆ time synchronization: the use of SNTP network and fiber B code on the time;
◆ can be used card structure, easy to expand.
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