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iPDM2020T Partial discharge on - line monitoring system

The system (IED) is an important monitoring unit of intelligent transformers. The series of partial discharge on-line monitoring system of transformer can detect the partial discharge of transformer by using UHF signal generated by UHF antenna detection and receiving partial discharge of transformer Online monitoring. The system makes full use of the UHF sensor technology, combined with the Ningbo Institute of Technology in the transformer on-line monitoring of technical achievements, the system in the sensor technology, online anti-jamming, online high-speed data processing and analysis technology has its own unique And leading.

Technical features Technical indicators
◆ detection principle: based on ultra-high frequency full-band dynamic sweep PD detection technology;
◆ UHF sensor: to provide built-in or plug-in UHF sensor, operating frequency bandwidth, high sensitivity, UHF sensor signal output and ground terminal potential, and the transformer working circuit without any electrical connection, regardless of the test device and operation Are more safe and reliable, can be charged maintenance;
◆ sampling mode: four-channel high-speed synchronous sampling;
◆ denoising technology: composite noise reduction technology and automatic threshold wavelet denoising principle;
◆ signal processing: dual DSP + FPGA all digital processing, software algorithm hardware;
◆ discharge map: the use of advanced PRPD / PRPS analysis;
◆ Discharge type identification: neural network expert system based on discharge map library;
◆ communication protocol: the use of DL / T860 (IEC61850) standard protocol;
◆ time synchronization: the use of SNTP network and fiber B code on the time.
NO. Parameters Range
1 Sensor working bandwidth 100MHz~2000MHz
2 Amplifier operating bandwidth 200MHz~1500MHz
3 Sensitivity 10pC
4 Amplifier gain ≥20 dB
5 Dynamic Range -80~-20dBm
6 Enter the number of channels 4/8 aisle
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