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Energy monitoring system for wireless temperature measurement of iDTS2020W switchgear

Energy monitoring system for wireless temperature measurement of iDTS2020W switchgear

The system can be applied to all kinds of indoor high-voltage switchgear head head, contact and busbar on-line temperature monitoring, can effectively prevent the occurrence of overheating failure. The temperature measurement unit of the system adopts the direct contact method to carry on the accurate temperature measurement to the monitoring point, the temperature measurement unit transmits the monitored temperature change to the receiving device on the low pressure side through the wireless communication way, and carries on the multi- Kind of alarm tips. Wireless temperature measurement unit fully considered in the high voltage, high current, high temperature and other complex conditions of work reliability, through multiple reliable technology to ensure the safety of the temperature unit. The temperature measuring unit is made of high temperature and insulating material, and has no bare metal parts. It can be installed in parts such as busbar, static contact, moving contact, cable joint and so on. Switch cabinet structure, but will not reduce the thermal stability of the switchgear, temperature performance, insulation safety distance, insulation and other insulation performance and other safety performance.

Technical indicators
1 Temperature measurement method The sensor is in direct contact with the temperature measurement
2 Sensor measuring range 0℃~150℃(Or according to user needs)
3 Temperature measurement accuracy ±1℃
4 Temperature resolution ≤1℃
5 Temperature sampling frequency ≤30s(Or according to user needs
6 Power supply design High voltage floating power / battery, dual power supply automatically switch
7 High voltage power supply performance 50 ~ 5000A range automatically enable high-voltage power supply, the battery is turned off
8 Battery Life When the battery is working independently, the life is not less than 8 years
9 Wireless communication 433MHz wireless communication
10 Wireless transmission distance Open distance under open conditions≥100 Meter
11 Electromagnetic anti - jamming performance Grade III
12 Installation location High pressure busbar, static contact, moving contact, cable head and so on
13 Installation method Screw or high temperature anti-aging professional cable ties
14 Communication performance

In line with IEC61850 specification, communication protocol to meet the IEC61850 and "Guizhou power grid company online monitoring device communication technology agreement"

15 Wireless temperature sensor volume 90×60×29mm
16 Enclosure rating According to need to meet IP55
17 Working temperature -40℃~200℃
18 Working environment humidity ≤90%RH
19 Pressure resistance The temperature measurement unit can work normally under 120kv condition
20 Insulation performance ≥50MΩ

Mean time between failures

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