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On - line Monitoring System for Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement of iDTS2020F Switchgear

On - line Monitoring System for Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement of iDTS2020F Switchgear

The system is a high-tech product developed by Ningbo Science and Technology Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates light, machine, electricity, computer, fiber optic cable and weak signal detection technology, and is popular with users in the field of temperature monitoring. iDTS2020 distributed fiber temperature monitoring IED is measured by the temperature host, application software, sensor cable and other peripheral equipment configuration. Can be continuously measured, accurate positioning of the entire sensor fiber (fiber optic cable) where the temperature of the space, sensing fiber is both transmission media and sensor media. Optical fiber with no electricity, anti-radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, fire, explosion-proof, corrosion resistance, high temperature and long life, safe operation in hazardous environments and so on.

Technical indicators
◆ Number of channels: 1,2,4,8 channel optional;
◆ Connection: single-ended;
◆ sampling interval: 1 m;
◆ positioning accuracy: 1 m;
◆ temperature measurement accuracy: & plusmn; 1 ℃ (4Km);
◆ host temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +300 ℃ (according to the selected cable);
◆ measurement time: <5 seconds / channel, the fastest can reach 2 seconds / channel;
◆ Temperature resolution: & lt; & plusmn; 0.5 ° C; ◆ maximum alarm partition: 200 / per channel;
◆ Maximum detection range: 4Km or 6Km per channel;
◆ relay output: 32 (can be extended to 128);
◆ communication interface: RJ45 (1), RS232 (2);
◆ communication protocol: TCP / IP;
◆ standard chassis: IP protection is not less than IP54;
◆ and fiber connection: E2000 and other interface;
◆ alarm mode: temperature, temperature alarm and temperature rise rate alarm (set by the software);
◆ Laser safety level: meet the IEC60825-1 (2001-08) Class 1M requirements.
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