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MDD3000T Intelligent On - line Monitoring System for Transformers


       MDD3000T Transformer on-line monitoring system is an online dynamic integrated transformer fault diagnosis system, composed of on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis. The on-line monitoring section includes basic units such as dissolved gases and micro-water in the oil, dielectric loss and partial discharge of the casing, and can expand the core ground, winding deformation, temperature load and switch input interface (cooling fan, oil pump, gas relay) Such as online monitoring. Fault diagnosis part includes fault diagnosis module, fault qualitative and positioning diagnosis module, fault severity and development trend analysis module, fault hazard assessment module and maintenance strategy module.

        MDD3000T Transformer intelligent components are transformer intelligent devices, mainly by iMAS2020T embedded processor (main IED), iMGA2020 chromatogram micro water monitoring IED, iPDM2020T partial discharge monitoring IED, iIMM2020 casing insulation monitoring IED, iCSM2020 cooling unit monitoring IED, iOLTC2020 Switch monitoring IED, iOCM2020T condition information monitoring IED, iOFT2020 winding temperature fiber monitoring IED and fiber switches, and according to the need to expand other monitoring IED. Each IED is equipped with fanless cooling to improve reliability, the use of shelves 19-inch standard chassis installed in the cabinet. Transformers each phase using a set of intelligent components, in the field near the transformer installation, and access to MDS4000 system, intelligent substation status monitoring and evaluation system components.

Monitoring content:



Monitoring content

Analysis Project

Analysis model



Dissolve gas in oil

The concentration of dissolved gas in the oil, and the gas production rate of the dissolved gas component in the oil

GB/T 7252(IEC 60599)

Oil content in oil


Partial Discharge

Discharge capacity, discharge frequency, discharge type, discharge position

GB/T 7354(IEC60270)



Dielectric loss

Dielectric loss, equivalent capacitance, last screen current

DL/T 962-2005

Equivalent capacitance

The end of the screen current


Cooling unit

Cooler fan and pump operating status

Winding hot spot temperature
Winding hot spot temperature cooling device efficiency
Temperature equilibrium state
DL/T 984-2005
IEEE C57.91-1995

Cooler fan and pump motor drive current

Cooler fan and pump total run time

Cooler intelligent control


Tapping switch

Stall state

Contact wear
Control reliability


Motor drive current

Protect the relay state

Online oil filter status

OLTC intelligent control


Condition information

Load voltage, current

Voltage effective value
Current rms


Main tank gas pressure

Main oil tank oil level and oil level status

Core, clip, neutral ground current

Environment, cabinet temperature and humidity

Top, bottom oil temperature and winding temperature



Winding temperature

Transformer aging rate
Transformer life loss
DL/T 984-2005
IEEE C57.91-1995


Intelligent components

The LordIED

Transformer aging rate/div>
Transformer life loss
Comprehensive evaluation of transformer status

Own assessment model

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