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       MDS4000 system is an important part of the construction of smart grid, it is through a variety of advanced sensing technology, digital technology, embedded computer technology, wide area distribution of communication technology, on-line monitoring technology and fault diagnosis technology to achieve various types of power equipment operation Real-time sensing, monitoring, analysis, prediction, troubleshooting and evaluation.

        MDS4000 system has the technical characteristics of system architecture network, the whole station information digitization, equipment status visualization, communication protocol standardization, monitoring function componentization, monitoring target panorama, information sharing platform, information display integration technical characteristics. The system can be the transformer temperature and load, oil dissolved gas, oil micro-water, casing insulation, core ground current, partial discharge, auxiliary equipment (cooling fan, oil pump, gas relay, on-load tap-changer, etc.) SF6 gas density and micro-water, GIS partial discharge, circuit breaker operating characteristics, GIS indoor SF6 gas leak; current transformer and capacitive voltage transformer, coupling capacitor and arrester insulation and other information to carry out comprehensive status monitoring and evaluation.

System composition diagram:

System interface diagram:
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